Industrial AI Research & Internship Program

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On-campus Residence

You benefit from our unique combination of experiential learning and global immersion. Our pedagogy is real-world and multi-disciplinary applications and goes beyond the classroom sessions, where learning is prescribed, classroom heavy and subject-specific.


Best instructors I've ever had

​​“During the lockdown, I lost my job and decided to seize the opportunity to upskill myself in IT. I enrolled in an AI course, where I had the pleasure of being taught by Shantanu. He was truly one of the best instructors I've ever had. It's clear that he was born to teach, as he made the lessons not only informative but also engaging and enjoyable."

​Anthony Scarr,
United Kingdom

Exceptional technical skills on AI

“I’ve known this team for a large part of my career in technology – over 10 years. They have exceptional technical skills on Artificial Intelligence, and also the natural art of communicating complex material in a consumable manner helping others learn what they need quickly and more importantly retain the information."

Michelle Fleming,
Managing Member,
Facing Bias LLC,

Application Areas

Computer Vision

Applications that interpret visual input from cameras, images, or videos. They can be used to track objects, detect activities, segregate queues or manufacturing belts, or facial recognition.

Natural Language Processing

Applications that can interpret written or spoken language- write from translations to being able to generate questions and answers from give data; or summarize or personalize content.

Conversational AI

AI agents, (or bots), that can engage in dialogs with human users- which has become somewhat of a must-have for any B2B or B2C business! They drive sales, handle customer support and assist sales and marketing professionals.

Machine Learning

Predictive models based on data and statistics – the foundation for AI- works with linear and nonlinear algebra, statistics and sometimes includes neural networks.

Anomaly Detection

Systems that detect unusual patterns or events, enabling pre-emptive action. Examples include Faud detection and cybersecurity applications.

Generative AI

With OpenAI and many other players racing to “generate” new content, the results include generated text, images, videos, code or signals- like music.

Start your AI Journey today!

Your certificate authorization will be directly from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and Microsoft

As a part of this program, you will receive 3 certificates:
• Project Completion Certificate from HPE
• After completion of week 2, you become a Microsoft Certified Professional
• After clearing the examination which is in week 2, you become a HPE Certified Professional