Industrial AI Research & Internship Program

Become an HPE and Microsoft Certified Professional with the Industrial AI Exchange Program.

​The AI Industrial Research and Internship program has been designed and tailored to software developers, data scientists, and engineers to create AI-driven solutions. The program will emphasize programming languages commonly used in AI development, such as Python and SQL. The curriculum contains a mixture of class-room training, case study discussions and hands-on training. You will become a certified HPE and Microsoft Professional after completion of the course and associated certifications.

 Audience Background

Technical background with knowledge of Python and SQL


Onsite Program - 2 weeks in Malaysia, hosted by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

​​Program Highlights

- Use- case driven with labs and practical know-how
- 20% theory, 50% labs, 20% projects, and 10% exams
- Enterprise-grade technologies as part of experiential learning

 Certification & Internship

Certifications are awarded by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and Microsoft. Top performers will be offered internship at HPE and Microsoft.